How Do I get started with Range Law Firm?

The first step is to contact our office so we can determine what your needs are and set up an appointment with the attorney based on those needs.  At that time, you will receive all the details of the consultation.

What does Range Law Firm have to offer?

We offer the legal services to meet the expectations of your legal needs.  We handle all legal matters with the full intention of providing the most favorable outcome for all parties.

How Long is this Process?

It depends on the type of case it is.  We try not to push for any cut off dates or deadline dates unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.  We don’t want to rush or tell you that we can get it done in a certain amount  of time without weighing out the process in which we work with you.  With that being said, we need your full cooperation in providing all necessary documentation or answers in order for us to move forward with your case. In the event there is a rush, we can discuss your needs to determine if we can assist you expeditiously.

How Long is the Consultation?

It depends on the type of case it is but the standard consultation time is 30 minutes.

Is there a Charge or Fee for a Consultation?

Yes, there is a $75 fee for a 30 minute consultation which must be paid prior to the consultation date. That fee is then reduced from any over all fees/retainer paid to the company to continue providing legal services.