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When Experience Matters – Range Law Firm is the Choice!


Our intellectual Property Law Group advises business and individual clients on the full spectrum of IP matters.


Before entering into a contractual relationship make sure the details are properly outlined
in a document in order to minimize potential issues which may arise later on.


If you have been presented with a contract to sign, let us assist you by reviewing the contract to pinpoint potential issues you may face as well as to ensure the final details reflect your intentions.


If you have been presented with a contract let us be your voice of reason during the negotiations phase to ensure the terms of the contract are in line with your desires.


 Our firm can guide you on setting up your entity. Speak with Range Law Firm to identify your goals in starting or maintaining your business. 


Our clients receive big-firm experience without the big-firm cost. The experience your business will receive is unsurpassed.


 Our firm can guide you on setting up a comprehensive estate plan. We treat our clients like family by extending a personal touch when discussing end of life matters.  Our goal is to gently help you through each step of the process to create final plans that reflects your family’s needs and interests.

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What Happens Next?

  • What should I do first? What should I not do?
  • Who will help me fight the charges against me?
  • Who has my best interests at heart?
  • How will this affect me and my family?
  • How will this affect my job?

Get answers to these and other questions with Range Law!

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  • Offer guidance, support and sound legal advice on how to move forward.